Mozilla abandons the $ 25 mobile project, cost is not everything

A little over a year ago, Mozilla surprised us at the Mobile World Congress with the presentation of its low-cost smartphone project: for $ 25, it proposed a device that could be a valid alternative for emerging markets. Despite its modest hardware, its low price and the commitment to the open platform of Firefox OS made this a promising initiative.

However, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has stated that they will soon change their strategy in the field of mobility, and indicated that "We have not seen that the $ 25 mobile generates enough interest. We will focus on efforts that provide a better user experience, rather than focusing solely on cost.

Goodbye to ultra-cheap mobiles with Firefox OS

The statements are certainly curious considering that from the outset Mozilla's mobile platform focused almost exclusively on entry-level devices. Some of us already said some time ago that the company needed to fight a high-end battle, and those statements may mean a change of course for this mobile platform that is so difficult.

According to an email to employees that Beard sent to employees, "Although we cannot live and breathe all the possible devices that are the subject of our base product and our technology, we can do it on phones that are powerful enough to make them our first device.That seems to confirm that they will not force employees to try to live with $ 25 phones to check the user experience on them, but rather will focus precisely on devices that can become perfect companions for almost any user.

At Mozilla they are even considering something disturbing: a way that Android applications are supported on the platform. Beard here stressed that it would be about supporting "key applications" -WhatsApp? - instead of allowing the execution of any of the existing ones in his catalog. We will see if this new approach serves to get Firefox OS back on track and become a platform that can fight in this competitive market.

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