N92, N71 and N80, the new Nokia

I do not know if it happens to everyone, but I have already lost the count of mobile phones that Nokia has released this year. It is overwhelming and maddening.

On this occasion, Nokia presents its commitment to multimedia mobiles with its new models N92, N71 and N80.

Let's go by parts.

The N92 undoubtedly stands out for having integrated a DVB-H television receiver. You must already imagine what this is for you. In addition, this model incorporates a 2 GB memory card that makes it also work as a music player. But the thing does not end there. Obviously, to be able to watch television decently, the screen was a fundamental subject. Well, the one of this N92 has a size of 2.8 inches and is of the QVGA type with 16 million colors. Of the rest of the characteristics we can mention the two megapixel camera, its WiFi connection and a battery of sufficient autonomy to watch television for four hours. It will cost 600 euros and we can admire it well into 2006. The N71 is focused, as is normal, on the possibility of using it as a music player, for which it has a slot to expand its memory to 2 GB, which is included. In addition, it has a 2 megapixel camera and the MiniMap function, with which you can see complete web pages just as we do in the home PC browser and has support for receiving news thanks to an RSS reader. Another interesting option is the possibility of connecting it to the computer via USB and treating it as if it were a portable memory. In addition, it has stereo audio output, equalizer and FM radio tuner. Its price will be 400 euros.

As for the N80, it is sliding in design and comes with UPnP technology which allows it to automatically detect compatible equipment and connect to it wirelessly. It would allow us, for example, to easily view the photos on the television. As for the camera, this device has a fascinating 3 megapixels in addition to flash. Its price will be 500 euros.

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