Nothing here, nothing there: Samsung already works on selfie cameras under the screen, neither notch nor hole

At Samsung they already pointed it out in October, when we still would not know if the commitment to holes would be so clear: in the future, they assured, the selfie camera and other elements would be integrated into the screen.

Now that ambition is clearer with the appearance of the statements of one of its managers: Samsung is working on technology that will allow their phones to have designs without frames, without holes, without the controversial notch - which in reality they have hardly used - and with that integrated front camera on the screen (and invisible) for the user.

Samsung wants to say goodbye to the notch and the hole

Yang Byung-duk, head of the display R&D division at Samsung, made these statements to the Yonhap News Agency and explained how "although it would not be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can advance to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, without affecting the function of the camera in any way. "

It therefore seems that we will still take time to see terminals that do not have those holes or notches on the screen, and although there are other alternatives to solve the problem of terminals without frames -sliding cameras or in "periscope" mode, for example, being able to hide Those cameras under the screen is undoubtedly an especially interesting option.

There are already clear innovations in this regard: manufacturers have already managed to integrate the fingerprint reader under the screen, and we have even begun to see terminals in which even that screen acted as a speaker, as is the case with the LG G8.

Integrating the camera on that screen seems an especially delicate challenge, and although other manufacturers may be ahead in this area, Samsung's confirmation that this seems to be the future is undoubtedly striking.

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