Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone, we tested it

The appearance of browsers Gps with voice guidance and that they do not need to connect to the Internet, unlike Google Maps, puts the iPhone at the height of its rivals in this field. Systems like Windows Mobile or Symbian have had this type of applications for a long time, but in the case of the Apple terminal, we have had to wait for version 3.0 to reach us.

At Applesfera they have been testing the Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone, the first of these applications to be available. Although it takes part in the design and functionality of your browsers Gps Self-employed, the interface has been adapted to the iPhone screen, with large buttons and access to the data contained in it.

Thus, we can create routes directly to the addresses of our contacts or to our own, in addition to allowing its operation both vertically and horizontally, with visualization of the maps in 2D or 3D. The weakest aspect is the voice, since it only includes one and cannot be adjusted too much, apart from changing the volume.

The quality of the Navigon MobileNavigator for iPhone maps is as good as that of a conventional browser, including an extensive point of interest and business base. The price can be an important drawback, costing 70 euros the version with the maps of Spain and 75 euros the version with those of Europe.

Anyway, if we were planning to acquire a GpsThis can be an ideal option, saving us money compared to a standalone model, always carrying it with us and with an integrated update system. That yes, more than recommended to have a support for the car and a charger to avoid running out of battery soon.

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