Nebudroid, using a mobile as a video game control

I do not know if anyone doubts that the mobile phone will soon serve to control many more gadgets than we could imagine. If I can control the television on the phone or use its touch screen as a touchpad for my multimedia computer in the digital room, why not take advantage of it?

Asier Arranz He has thought something similar and has begun to implement that idea in the world of video games. As a result of his work we already have Nebudroid, a video game control system that uses the touch screen and accelerometer of mobile phones to play with a desktop console or a computer.

The program has currently tested it in a HTC Hero, with Android of course, and in the video we can see a demotion in which the mobile phone is used as a steering wheel for a racing game, but also as a controller NES for example. Amazing.

More information | Nebudroid (via AsierArranz)

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