Nexus One could cost 470 euros free in Spain

In two days Google will present its Nexus One, one of the phones that has been talked about the most before its presentation, if we ignore Apple's iPhone. And with practically all the details of this terminal revealed, the price and availability are the great secrets that we hope will be revealed from Tuesday.

The Nexus One, if we pay attention to what they have published on Zdnet, will have in Spain a price of 470 euros free. That round figure comes out of adding to the price of the terminal in the US, $ 530, taxes and customs for Spain, which add up to about 100 euros. The result, according to the current dollar-euro exchange rate, is 470 euros.

That price, which is not official, will leave us the terminal put in Spain by Google and free. It is more than likely that in the rest of the countries in which it is sold, in addition to the US, it will be associated with an operator, which would leave us a much lower price and to which we are more accustomed in Spain. About the operator that takes it out, surely there are more than words to be the one who offers the Google phone, that we remember will arrive, if everything meets the script, with Andorid 2.1. and hopefully it will always be the model that leads the updates and improvements of this operating system.

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