Nexus One, everything we know about the Google phone

With a mysterious countdown that points to January 1, 2010. With messages from Google workers who are known to have a new phone that is not on the market. With photos and already a list of specifications. With its possible price and many photos and screenshots of its Android version. This is how hot the Nexus One theme is, which is said to be the first 100% Google phone. Less in manufacturing, which will be from HTC.

If this year there has been talk mainly of the Android of HTC and Motorola, the year 2010 will begin with the release of the Nexus One, a phone that would increase the list of terminals with Android in a discreet way but that by directly having the hand of Google after he has received all the attention. Let's see if he deserves them.

Nexus One by Google, its specifications

Of the specifications of the Nexus One almost everything is already known, although in the form of bickering. However, thanks to the videos and photos that are already easy to find online, we can compose the list pseudo-officer of what the Nexus One can bring us.

To start, let's talk about the screen, which will be OLED, a great success, because we will see this type of technology end up in a massive way on the phones that are presented in 2010. The resolution of it is 480x800 pixels, with a size it is estimated to be 3.5 inches and capacitive type. Despite this screen size, the terminal, since it does not incorporate a physical keyboard, will be quite thin and light.

This Nexus One will not come with too much internal memory. There is talk of 512 Mb expandable with microSD memory cards. The battery would be removable, with the memory card slot and the SIM underneath, something uncomfortable when having to turn off the phone to change any of them.

The design is not very striking, and as we have said, if it were not for that it carries Google behind, it would have become one more terminal in terms of the innovations it incorporates. Only four navigation buttons and the control ball break the line of the Nexus One.

As for the processor, everything indicates that it is the Snapdragon 1 Ghz already so famous. This Nexus One will not lack WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the digital compass, light / proximity sensor, GPS and of course 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash.

It will be free but also with subsidies

The commotion around the Nexus One has been caused, on the one hand, by the mystery that it has not been presented and that Google employees already have it, and that it may be the brand itself that sells it free through the Internet without a trace of the initials HTC (or others) in the terminal.

The price of the Nexus One released stands at $ 500 according to rumors. Nor is it that Google has made an extraordinary effort in that field. The logical thing would be to think that free will come out for developers, and that to acquire it, a user must go through the operator's box. In that case there is talk of a price less than $ 200. In the US it could be T-Mobile.

The Nexus One operating system will be version 2.1 of Android, at least it is the one that would be moving in the terminals that have been distributed to its workers.

Will it be an advantage that is from Google?

Why is Google getting in the way that its allies such as Samsung, Motorola or HTC itself have led so well so far? What gives us more to think about is that Google wants to maintain an official Android terminal, the pure element with that operating system.

Few are the manufacturers that use Android that are not tempted to modify the appearance of the operating system at least, but they also add home screens or widgets. These modifications are practically the only thing that each manufacturer has to differentiate their phone from another that almost copies its specifications and design. In the world of browsers we are seeing it.

Photos from BGR and Engadget.

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