Nexus S: all the key details of the new Google Nexus S

The Nexus S is the second phone in which the search engine giant has confessed to being the open father. This time, he has been unfaithful to HTC and this new Google Nexus S is the result of its current idyll with Samsung, which is living an excellent moment in USA.

Taking into account that for Google it is vital that the Nexus S succeed in USA, opting for the creator of the highly valued Galaxy S was a safe bet. What if we review all the information about the Google Nexus S to be prepared for its departure in Spain, which by the way is not yet known when it will play?

Nexus S, full features

With a design similar to the Galaxy S and even the first Google phone, if you look closely at the photos of the Nexus S, the curvature of the screen is what most catches our attention. As an ergonomic point it seems more than correct, but we still have doubts about its operation.

Among all the features of the Nexus S, the NFC technology that will allow to popularize direct payment using the mobile phone as a virtual wallet is striking.

The dimensions of the Google Nexus S are 63mm x 123.9mm x 10.88mm for a weight of 129 grams, all in the average of the smartphones current. Yes, there is a novelty in the processor, which is a model with a code name Hummingbird and that works at 1 Ghz on the basis of the Cortex A8. It is not therefore a dual-core processor as expected, but it seems that it will not be necessary for the moment, since in the graphic section it promises a performance far superior to that of current Snapdragon.

For memory, Samsung and Google have chosen to give it 16 GB flash memory without any possibility of physical expansion. In a current terminal it is a considerable limitation that we do not understand.

Today, the connectivity of a terminal there are hardly any news to talk about. This Nexus S is a terminal HSDPA at 7.2 Mbps (HSUPA 5.76 Mbps), with WiFi of type n, bluetooth 2.1 (they have lost an opportunity to put the 3.0), A-GPS and microUSB port for recharging and passing data on the phone. The gyroscope, the accelerometer, the compass and the proximity and luminosity sensors complete its least sought-after features.

Of the basic characteristics of this Nexus S we have left to review the battery, of 1,500 mAh, promising Google that it will hold us up to 6.7 hours at maximum performance using 3G networks.

4-inch SuperAMOLED screen, at current limits

Could the Nexus S have been equipped with a larger or better resolution screen? Of course, but we are convinced that both aspects of this second Google phone are balanced for the current mobile phone situation. Perhaps a higher resolution or pixel density would have given it a status higher.

The strong point of the 4-inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels is the SuperAMOLED technology it uses. It is undoubtedly the technology called to compete with the reference that has marked the Retina screen of the iPhone 4, a phone with which it is mandatory to compare it.

Saying that it is tactile and capacitive (with multitouch possibilities and haptic response) is also something that is taken for granted in this Nexus S.Although it is not something new, Google boasts of having provided the Nexus S screen with a coating in search of achieving the impossible: that there is no dirt on the surface of the screen of a touch phone.

5 megapixel camera for the Nexus S

Although the 5 megapixel figure is a good claim for this Nexus S, we fear that this is not the highlight of the new Google phone despite the fact that we will have a flash LED and autofocus.

The main downside that we found, in the absence of knowing the performance of the main camera when taking photos, is that in video mode we have not opted for high-definition video, and we were left with only 720 × 480 pixels to visually narrate our adventures, which will be well collected with the H.264 codec.

A second camera located on the front is included for video calls, which will also help the microphone with software noise reduction.

Nexus S, little revolutionary

Although on paper, the Nexus S is a complete phone, we cannot forget that it is the phone with which Google will face a key year in mobile telephony.

Almost identical to the Galaxy S, which is already a few months old, with the Nexus S one expects the rise of one more step in the reference phone of the Android operating system (at least without flourishes from the operators or the manufacturers themselves) and this has not been the case. In fact, just the inclusion of technology NFC and that it already includes the new version 2.3 of Android should draw our attention. We repeat that despite the fact that we like the design and features it is plenty.

Will it be enough for the Nexus S to be the son of Google to become a reference terminal against the novelties and superior features that will be raised by the rest of the brands (with or without Android involved) to seek to put in our pockets the final super phone? Initially, it has not known how to differentiate itself.

Nexus S price and availability

Although in Spain there are no official data of the arrival of the Nexus S, we will have it very soon. From December 20 it will be sold free in the United Kingdom for about 450 euros. A few days before it can be purchased at USA Also free or subsidized by the operator T-Mobile, with which the price of the Nexus S will be $ 199.

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