No sign of Fucshia: Google still holding on to the successor of Android

There has been a lot of news in the Google I / O 2017 conferences: we have known the news of Android O, its advances in virtual reality, the interesting Google Lens project and a few other things.

Of what Google has not said or word is from Fuchsia, that platform that will clearly be the successor to Android and that a priori will combine the best of that mobile platform with Chrome OS. The situation is surprising: the code is public and can be compiled and tested by any user, but Google does not seem to want to recognize the relevance of the project ... for now.

Fuchsia asks us for patience

A few days ago important news about this operating system appeared: we knew its graphical user interface, Armadillo, and we verified that although there are similarities with Android, the truth is that the operation of this user interface is somewhat different.

That discovery suggested that at these conferences there would finally be an official announcement about a project that seems to be crucial for the future of Google, but the topic was not mentioned in the inaugural keynote.

In fact, not only did they not mention it in the keynote, but if you take a look at the complete agenda of the event you will be able to see how there have been no specific sessions that dealt with this project. It seems that Google does not want to officially reveal its letters until Fuchsia is much more mature, something that at the rate things are going might well happen in Google I / O 2018. We will have to be patient.

In Xataka | Google Fuchsia: what it is, what it is not, and what to expect from Google's new operating system

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