Nokia 2710 Navigation arrives to put a phone with GPS in each hand

The Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition is the new terminal that the Finnish brand places as an affordable device. This time it is not just any phone, it is a Nokia with integrated GPS and its preloaded Nokia Maps.

The Nokia 2710 Navigation thus becomes a phone that brings the use of personal navigation to anyone. And Nokia has been working on this for some time, promoting the use of GPS in its equipment and especially its mapping service, which has a very difficult rival to beat: Google Maps Navigation.

The strategy to follow will be different in each case. Google will have the way raided With advanced users and Nokia, it will strive to put its maps and services in its most basic equipment, those that are currently selling in quantity. They will therefore use the formula that currently works quite well: I use what I have on my phone.

Those who open a Nokia 2710 Navigation and open the mapping application will find voice-guided navigation aids such as compass (mainly for pedestrian mode).

The price of the Nokia 2710 Navigation is 110 euros free, and it will go on sale in the second quarter of 2010.

More information | Nokia.

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