Nokia 6710 Navigator

Little has changed in exterior appearance or specifications of the Nokia 6710 Navigator compared to what previous models of this range of smatphones offered us that want to be first of all our browsers Gps in the car. To do this, when it goes to the market at the end of the year it will come from the hand of a new accessory to place it comfortably on the car dashboard.

The Nokia 6710 Navigator will come with Nokia Maps 3.0 software, so in addition to being able to use it in the car, we will take advantage of its pedestrian mode, which is highly enhanced in the latest versions of this software. But of course, having a camera and Gps, the other star use of a phone like this is clear: geolocation of the photos we take.

For this we have a 5 megapixel camera. The Navigator models have not been characterized precisely by the quality of their camera, so we do not expect much from it. At least if we compare it with the most advanced phones in that regard.

The autonomy, also basic and which is usually greatly affected by the use of the navigation functions, stands at 12.5 hours when we use the pedestrian mode and just over 6.5 hours when we use it in the car.

For connectivity we cannot find anything better. The Nokia 6710 Navigator is a HSPA, but not WiFi. We are interested in the truth more the first type of connectivity than the second.

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