Nokia 719 is postulated as a new Finnish WP7

Possibly in the near future we will have news about the Nokia 719, a new Windows Phone 7 from the company. Nokia's commitment to the Microsoft operating system is being stronger than some expected, having already presented four terminals (800 and 900, 710 and 610, all belonging to the Lumia range) which are for many the most interesting choices under WP7.

The Nokia 719 will be a new mid-range WP7, and everything indicates that it can be considered the heir to the Lumia 710. Its screen size is the same, 3.7 inches, with a 5-megapixel camera and a fairly similar phone format. with the physical buttons quite similar. There is no data on the internal components, but possibly we will also see some other improvements in this regard: better processor, more RAM, more storage memory… etc.

Finally, the release date, although it is not yet official, some media cite it on March 28 for a price that will possibly be around that of the current 710: about 300 euros.

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