Nokia 7710 as GPS for car

Leaning on its fantastic panoramic color screen and which enhances 3D images, the mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has announced in a press release the launch of a comprehensive phone + GPS solution for the car. By combining your Nokia 7710 and a TomTom GPS solution, we can turn this complete mobile phone into a GPS for our car.

It also includes a practical route calculator with which the driver will know in real time which is the fastest, shortest, which avoids tolls or traffic jams that are currently on the defined route. Using this navigation solution is very simple: just insert the memory card in the Nokia 7710 and the user will start browsing, without connection cost, to locate their destination address. There are two options to follow the route: by following the voice instructions (available in more than 30 languages) or by viewing the 3D images on the 7710's screen.

The 7710 pack with the TomTom solution includes:

  • Nokia 7710 terminal pack
  • TomTom Solution Pack:
  • TomTom GPS receiver.
  • 256 MB MMC card, with Spain and Portugal.
  • Universal car mount, hook mount and self-adhesive mounting disc.
  • Vehicle mount installation poster.
  • Cigarette lighter charger for GPS.
  • Product code card.
  • A CD with user manual and digital EULA (end user license agreement).
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • TomTom Plus brochure.

As for the price, it stands at 699 euros.

More information | Nokia press release. Xataka | A look at the upcoming Nokia 7710.

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