Nokia warmly welcomes Skype on their phones

You have to see what it has cost. Skype is finally coming clearly and decisively to Nokia mobile phones. We imagine that this will give the operators a better view of using our terminals for VoiP telephony. I think they know that the value of calls is decreasing and that the important thing now is data traffic, and that is where they should focus their efforts.

The first terminal to host the Skype program will be the Nokia N97. The integration of VoiP services will be total. Thus, Skype contacts will be one more in our phone book and we can see their status in it. If they are online, we can start a text conversation or make a call to them at no cost. Well, the data traffic generated by the call with Skype if we are not using a WiFi network.

At home for example we can use Skype without an external device. The Nokia mobile phone will be worth it for us. We can also use it for calls to mobiles or landlines at the rates set by Skype.

After the Nokia N97, Skype will be integrated into the rest of the Finnish company's Nseries devices. With this move from Nokia, the operators are sure to focus much more on offering more open data plans and will simplify voice plans, which will end up extinguishing over time. You will see.

More information | Nokia.

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