Nokia announces "visual radio" on mobile

Nokia is introducing a new technology that will allow listeners to send "feedback" about songs to radio stations. His name will be that of Visual radio and in it the communication will be bidirectional, the stations will also be able to send extra information attached to the song such as the lyrics or photos of the performer to the mobiles. This opens up many possibilities to change the experience we had until now of listening to the radio. On the one hand, the participation of listeners in order to rate artists or participate in competitions; on the other, the stations have a new channel from which to sell concert tickets, ringtones for the cell phone or the compact of the group that is playing at that precise moment. This turn will be possible thanks to the fact that close to 15% of the phones sold have an FM tuner. In fact, it is in this second business channel that I understand that the stations are likely to focus, which are already betting on methods such as sending messages from mobile phones to additional tariff numbers. The Visual radio They are going to try it out first in Finland on the Kiss FM station around March, arriving a little later in the UK. No dates are announced for adoption by any radio station in Spanish.

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