Nokia C6 enters the youth mobile war

The new Nokia C6 that has just been presented has brought us a deja vu and it makes us reaffirm that the search strategy of a terminal focused on young people, with a flat rate and the social networks involved can be very successful.

The Nokia C6 maintains the essence of a great success of Nokia, such as the 5800 XpressMusic, and adds a necessary touch to use social networks: physical keyboard, in this case QWERTY full that slides under the screen.

Nokia C6, mobile phone allied with social networks and sharing

The Nokia C6 is a phone that runs away, like Microsoft's Kin, from the latest developments and focuses on being easy to use and affordable.

This phone has a 3.2-inch touch screen (640 × 360 pixels) and a full physical keyboard, as well as a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. Nokia's decision to release this phone with Symbian (they had no other alternative) can work out well as it will attract young people who already own a Nokia and who will be familiar with the interface. The spectacular of the other solutions on the market against Symbian's sobriety is the weak point of the bet.

Perhaps a step forward towards a new platform more focused on the Ovi experience, just as Microsoft has done with Zune on their phones, could have been successful.

For applications, games and content, Nokia again opts for Ovi, and among the services included with the Nokia C6 is of course navigation Gps free with Ovi Maps. Integration with email and social networks like Facebook are not lacking either.

The connectivity of the team, in addition to Gps, is network based HSDPA and Wifi. This inclusion is surprising as it is a lower-middle range of the brand. But it is a success.

Nokia C6, price and availability

The Nokia C6 won't hit the market until after the summer. August and September can be interesting dates for the start of the course. Its price is 220 euros before tax and the expected subsidies that operators will give to this Nokia C6. Typically, it is associated with some new data rate with limits and more affordable.

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