Nokia CarKit CK-200, a hands-free for two phones at the same time

Nokia has today presented a new accessory for the car, we are talking about the Car Kit CK-200 hands-free, which has the main feature of connecting two phones at the same time via Bluetooth.

The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 allows us to switch between phones with the push of a button, it also automatically downloads the agendas of the two connected terminals and shows us the text messages we receive from both.

The idea is very good, since it represents a comfortable solution for those of us who have a couple of lines, or if you are traveling with a second person who also wants to make use of the vehicle's hands-free system.

The system is composed of a main unit and a remote control that can be attached to the steering wheel of the vehicle, as you can see in the images. From there you can answer calls, make them or switch between phones.

The main unit that sits on the dashboard of the car has a 2.5-inch screen where you can clearly see who is calling or texting.You can also make use of the Nokia software to read the messages on your car speakers, or send predefined messages if you don't want to answer a call.

I do not forget to comment that it has a processor DSP which improves the sound quality before being sent to the speakers, and the presence of a connector USB from which we can update the device software.

The Nokia Car Kit CK-200 will be available in summer at a price of approximately 140 euros, before taxes, subsidies and subsequent installation. To demonstrate how it works Nokia has prepared a fun video with four-time world Rally champion Juha Kankkunen:

Official site | Nokia Conversations.

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