Nokia CLIPit, more interesting concepts from the Finns

Nokia does not stop looking for a phone for the future. The latest that has been shown to us by designers from the Middle East.

Nokia CLIPit is a concept of telephone or communication device in which the SIM card has been replaced by our own fingerprint. Nothing to enter the PIN, just touch the phone and we'll be inside.

How could it be otherwise, the control of the Nokia CLIPit would be done with the help of a touch screen, which would be accompanied by a surface roll-up (perhaps electronic ink would be a good idea) that would act as a 3-inch screen.

Interesting to know that this surface could be 12 inches and practically portable.

In terms of connectivity, the Nokia CLIPit itself would act as hands-free without the need for another accessory, and the contact information, SMS, among others, would be on the cloud.

As for communication between equal devices, Microsoft's Surface is its inspiration, and it would be enough to place them on the same surface to send and receive files, for example.

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In Xatakamovil | Nokia CLIPit, a concept full of ideas.

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