Nokia denies launching the N91 with iTunes

It is very true that one of the hottest rumors on the net is to check when that mobile phone that allows you to play iTunes songs is going to be released. At this point, it had been commented that one of those possibilities could come from Nokia, since its model Nokia N91 It allowed that possibility by having a 4GB hard drive.

Rumors indicated that Nokia and Apple were partners and that they were willing to launch the model on the market with that possibility. Joy in a well, because the rumor has been denied by Nokia itself, by Kari Tuutti, its spokesperson, who has commented that

"There is no commercial agreement between Nokia and Apple to integrate iTunes into N-series mobiles."

What has been confirmed is that tests are being carried out in Nokia laboratories and that there are prototypes that are being tested. As the N91 model is a multimedia phone, it is possible to carry out a development by any company that allows downloads from the Internet, they also comment on Nokia. At the moment we will have to wait for Motorola to release its iTunes model.

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