Nokia E75, our impressions

Nokia has not given us too much joy today, at least if what we expected were high-end devices or a little spectacular. It has focused on launching a few devices, it almost seems more out of obligation than anything else, and they are still updates to existing models.

The one we were most interested in trying was the Nokia E75, as it shows an upward trend for this manufacturer, the inclusion of the keyboard QWERTY at their terminals. Have you convinced us? Well to tell the truth not too much, especially if we face it with other options on the market focused on a professional audience.

The most important of a keyboard QWERTY on a mobile it is that it makes typing much faster and more comfortable than that of a conventional keyboard. And the Nokia E75 does it halfway. Obviously, compared to a traditional keyboard this QWERTY wins, but could be better.

The mobile's keys are close together, which can make pressing them difficult for users with large fingers. Added to this is the fact that these keys do not have relief. Unlike other phones with keyboards of this type, the Nokia E75 is completely flat, which makes it feel strange when you press it and does not offer much help when it comes to keyboarding without having to look at where you press.

For the rest, it is a mobile that faithfully follows the line set by the Finnish terminal, so users accustomed to them will be delighted with it. For those who are not faithful to the brand, the HTC Touch Pro 2 has seemed to us a better option if we are looking for a terminal with a full keyboard.

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