Nokia N86, not yet official ... but they already teach us

UPDATE: a day later, the N86 is already official: Nokia N86

Gazapo by Nokia? Or rather an attempt to create scrambled around a new terminal? I think that rather the latter. The Nokia N86 has not been seen in the MWC from Barcelona, ​​although it has been present.

As indicated in a press release this morning, Nokia has reached an agreement with Carl Zeiss to improve (even more) the lenses of mobile phones. So far everything normal, but if we look at the photograph that brings the official note we see a new terminal, which you can see in the image that accompanies this entry and that brings the new model screen-printed: N86 8MP, which lead us to think that the new Nokia mobile could be exactly that, and that it will bring an integrated 8-megapixel camera.

It may not be as striking as the 12-megapixel SE Idou, but according to Nokia and Carl Zeiss, the agreement they have reached will allow them to manufacture lenses of a quality similar to those used by the POT or by filming crews for some famous movies. Everything seems too exaggerated, without a doubt. I would personally settle for getting a minimal part of the quality of those professional lenses ... in fact, I would settle for matching the quality with that of compact cameras.

For now the manufacturer has not said anything about the Nokia N86, and unless Sacha brings us any surprises from the MWCIt does not seem that there will be any news in this regard.

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