Nokia N86: our impressions

Another of the disappointments that we have had in this MWC has been that of Nokia. And it is that despite having presented a handful of mobile phones the first day, few things stood out in them. We already discussed the tests with the Nokia E75, while the E55 we liked its thinness.

Strangely, on Tuesday they presented another model, the Nokia N86, a priori the most interesting of all those shown, so it is not understood much that they did not include it in the press conference of the previous day. They probably wanted to focus more on the app store and that the new model didn't steal attention.

Something he probably wouldn't have done anyway. And is that the Nokia N86 is not exactly striking. The only thing that stands out is in its camera with an 8 megapixel sensor (ok, and the screen OLED, but it is not new), but in the rest of the benefits and functionalities we find it difficult to distinguish it from other models in the Nseries range.

The Finnish manufacturer seems to have its head set on the software and in the services that in its high-end terminals. At least in one of those fields you are doing quite well, your strategy with Ovi, the application store, location services, ... seems good to me, but are you not forgetting the other leg on which to sustain yourself?

It is becoming slightly boring to try new Nokia terminals, since they share from a very similar external design between all of them to an identical operating system. And, although on the one hand the uniformity can be good because once one is used, changing it on the other is very simple, for the most advanced users they leave us a little misplaced.

Fortunately we had the opportunity to play a bit with the Nokia N97, a terminal that does seem innovative to me and in which there have been interesting advances, not only in the physical section with the sliding keyboard, but also in the operating system, with the main screen invaded by widgets. But to enjoy it we will have to wait almost until summer.

But we are going with the N86 which is what we had come for. It is interesting that they have incorporated a lens with protector, so that we do not have to fear scratches or dirt on it. As it could not be otherwise, this is used to automatically activate the software of the camera.

Thus, when opening the lens we will have at our disposal the application to take photos, which we can easily control from the top of the keyboard, since the Nokia N86 is a double type keyboard slider, and at the top it has four keys to adjust various functions. These keys, by the way, also serve to play in N-Gage mode.

Apart from the camera, note that the front is very minimalist, with the pad and various function buttons, with a construction that, in the first tests, we found better than that of other terminals such as the N96. It is not much thinner than the latter, just a couple of millimeters, something that could also have been improved.

In conclusion, it is not a bad motive but it represents "more of the same", something that is not what we are supposed to come to see at fairs like this.

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