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Definitely, Nokia wants to unveil all the surprises before Nokia World, and after the Booklet 3G, we only had doubts about the Nokia N97 Mini and the Nokia N900. The latter has just seen the light officially and, as in the case of the ultraportable, represents a new field of work for the Finnish manufacturer.

If we take one of the Nokia tablets, like the N810, and mix it with one of their high-end phones, what are we left with? Indeed, the Nokia N900, which combines the benefits of both devices, as it is the first of its tablets to incorporate 3G connectivity.

Nokia N900, tablet or phone?

For some time now, Nokia has not wanted to call its high-end terminals, such as the N97, but instead prefers to be called mobile computer, showing the approach towards devices that are not limited to calling, but offer much more possibilities to the user.

The N900 is even more focused on this aspect. In fact, Nokia practically does not count anything of its possibilities as a phone, which obviously has them, but focuses mainly on the possibilities of Internet connection, in the execution of applications and in its storage.

Therefore, we would leave it in a technical tie, in which the two aspects have enough entity so as not to be simply an addition.

A device with powerful specifications

The specifications of the Nokia N900 will allow it to compete without problems with other models on the market. In fact, they don't stray far from what the N97 has. We find a 3.5-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels and, inside, a processor ARM Cortex-A8 at 600 MHz, which makes it compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0, therefore, with 3D games and applications.

Of RAM It offers 256 MB, while the storage is identical to that of the N97, 32 GB of internal memory expandable with 16 GB microSD cards. In addition to the physical keyboard QWERTY Sliding type available, it also allows use with a virtual on-screen keyboard, something that many users will appreciate.

The camera is not the most powerful on the market, now that its resolutions have grown so much, but it stays in a more than worthy 5 megapixels, coming with Carl Zeiss optics and a flash with double LED. They don't forget either Gps, with a compatible receiver A-GPS and the pre-installed Ovi Maps application.

The important thing is the operating system

So far, we could be talking about one of the high-end Nokia phones, even a replica of the N97, but the main novelty of the Nokia N900 is its Linux-based Maemo 5 operating system, which differs greatly from Symbian and S60 5th edition that use other touch models.

We could talk long and hard about Maemo, but we will do it at Xataka Móvil. Suffice it to say that it represents a generational leap for Nokia and that everything points to it becoming the operating system of choice for its future high-end terminals, leaving Symbian for the mid and low range.

One of the Maemo features that is worth highlighting is the support for multiple desktops, where we can create direct access to contacts, applications, ... in addition to installing widgets that they show us information or allow us to control some of their functions.

Nokia N900, ready for navigation

Internet browsing will be one of the strengths of this device. For this, it has various support points, both in the section hardware as in the software. For connectivity we can use the 3G support, with compatibility with HSPA, or Wi-Fi.

When browsing, the resolution of your screen will help us, but also the software which integrates, since the browser is based on Mozilla code. In addition, we can see the content in full screen to make the most of the space. To this is added the support of Flash 9.4, which allows you to play videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

It is also a multimedia player

With 32 GB of storage space and its resolution, multimedia functions take on special relevance. Obviously, it includes music, video and photo players, compatible with multiple formats, as well as allowing us to tune into Internet radio stations.

Add to this the FM transmitter, which will allow us to listen to the sound through a radio, compatibility with DLNA, to send the content to our television and the aforementioned format support, among which we find MP3, AAC, WMA, MP4, Avi, WMV, H.264, XviD, ...

Nokia N900: availability and price

Despite what it might seem, by specifications, the price of the Nokia N900 is not exaggerated, at least if we compare it with other models from this manufacturer. It will cost 500 euros before subsidies and taxes, so we could find it more or less affordable with an operator and the almost essential data plan.

It will be from October this year when it will begin to be available and I think it will represent a giant step for Nokia. Freeing itself from the weight of the S60 and shortly offering good development tools and an app store, this phone and its successors can become serious competitors in the market.

There is still a lot to know and to tell about the Nokia N900, so we will explain more details about it.

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