Nokia N97 Mini, no doubt it will be presented soon

Presentations of new Nokia products follow, but also various leaks of what we can see next week in Nokia World. If it is tomorrow it was the "N900": https: // nearby the one that showed his face for the first time in an official image, now it is the Nokia N97 Mini the one who suffers the same fate.

The first official image of this terminal shows us a device very similar to the original N97, with a slightly modified keyboard, a screen that reduces to 3 inches and a memory of 8 GB or 16 GB (it is not very clear if they will exist or not. two models with different capacities).

Variations of Nokia N97 Mini They make it lose enough attractiveness in front of its older brother, especially considering that the price reduction, even though it is greater than expected, is not spectacular either, since it will decrease it by around 170 euros. Will it bring us any additional surprises?

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