Nokia N97, we already have it in Xataka

The Nokia N97 is one of the most anticipated terminals of the Finnish manufacturer, as it has been quite a few months since its presentation, at the end of last year, until its launch, which will be on June 18 with Movistar and at the beginning of next month with Vodafone .

At Xataka we already have a test unit for Nokia's phone (although it is difficult to call it that, since it is closer to a mini-computer than to a mobile phone). And the first impressions, in the absence of a thorough proof, are quite good. The external design is excellent and the size more compact than we imagined.

Being a model with a keyboard QWERTY Sliding and a good screen, the Nokia N97 seemed to have to be very bulky and heavy, but we were pleasantly surprised in this regard. Obviously it is not the lightest terminal on the market, but it is very balanced for what it offers.

The Symbian S60 5th edition operating system with which it is equipped is very similar to that of the 5800 XpressMusic, although slightly evolved, but where more changes are found is on the home screen, which now comes heavily loaded with widgets that offer us access to various information.

In it we can view the latest emails received, the latest Facebook notices, the weather forecast, ... widgets they can be customized, moved around the screen, deleted, as well as added new ones, which can be downloaded from the Ovi Store.

In the short time that we have been testing it, the operation has been very fluid, more than in the case of the 5800 XpressMusic and the behavior of the keyboard, without being any wonder as they can be those of the BlackBerry, allows to achieve a decent speed when typing.

It is scary, yes, the price at which it is sold free, 599 euros, which practically forces you to get it with an operator. Something that is also very suitable is to use it with a data rate, since the widgets they require it so as not to ruin us in data transmissions.

In a few days we will offer you a much more thorough review of all the features of this phone.

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