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The Nokia N97 is a new example that manufacturers have not just decided to use a touch screen as the only element of data entry to a phone. Although the iPhone has opted for the touch without turning back, the manufacturers who have been in the industry for the longest time are not so clear. Their customer profile is still a bit different, and both BlackBerry and HTC or Nokia itself with this N97, demonstrate it day after day.

The Nokia N97 is the second touch screen phone released by the Finnish manufacturer. It does so just after the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, which was a first approach, within an important range but not the one that has given the manufacturer prestige lately. He bet then to leave all the control of the phone to the experience with its touch screen that provided us with an answer every time we click on the options, and that could be worth us for a use of the phone in leisure mode. Although after testing it, writing with the Nokia 5800 was not a bad experience. The user experience was a catch.

In the case of Nokia N97, with a more demanding user profile, who makes intensive use of the Internet, he did not want to take risks and has provided him with a full and sliding physical keyboard, hiding under the 3.5-inch screen just as the SonyEricsson Xperia or the HTC Touch Pro.

Nokia N97, with touch screen and physical keyboard

The base of the Nokia N97 is divided between the touch screen and the sliding keyboard. It is not a new idea, much less, even Nokia had already implemented it in its famous Nokia Navigator, although to another level.

In this case the screen has a size of 3.5 inches, with a more than acceptable resolution of 640 by 360 pixels in 16 million colors. The format of it is 16: 9, it is appreciated for web browsing with the terminal in landscape mode (and taking advantage of the keyboard then) and for multimedia playback, another of the highlights of this Nokia N97.

The touch technology that Nokia uses in this N97 is not multi-touch but the same that it already uses in the Nokia 5800. Thus, we will obtain a response in the form of a small vibration when we press an option in the menus.

Just below the screen we have a keyboard QWERTY full. The arrangement that the terminal adopts when we have it unfolded seems very comfortable, with the screen slightly curved and not at a right angle. The separate keys at first glance seem comfortable despite their small size. On the left side of the keyboard there is a control to move through different parts of the screen.

Nokia N97, the key will be in the battery

In general, Nokia phones within its Nseries range are characterized by being of significant dimensions. The Nokia N95 was too thick, the Nokia N96 solved it a bit, but in the case of the Nokia N97, having to incorporate a physical keyboard under the screen, the result was not going to be completely to everyone's taste.

The dimensions of the Nokia N97 They are 117 millimeters high, 55 mm wide and 16 mm thick. Its weight does seem like a bigger problem, since it goes up to 150 grams.

Having already experience with batteries, Nokia has been cured in health and has announced a capacity of 1500 mAh for which this phone incorporates. In cold numbers it means an autonomy of 400 hours on standby, 320 minutes in conversation (with 3G coverage) and in less phone aspects, it leaves us a day and a half continued listening to music (37 hours) and up to 4.5 hours if we choose to watch video on the Nokia N97 screen.

Photo camera and multimedia playback on the Nokia N97

The camera of the Nokia N97 is a classic within the Nseries terminals. It is a model with 5 megapixel resolution and Carl Zeiss Tessar optics and dual flash LED, with f2.8 aperture to improve the photos we take at night without flash. The camera also allows us to record quality video DVD at 30 fps, which we can play smoothly, along with MP4 files, on the phone screen.

The multimedia material and the photos that we take can be stored in the 32 GB internal memory that the Nokia N97 offers us. In addition, and it is a success, we can expand that space with microSD cards of up to 16 GB, which would give us a total space of 48 GB on the phone.

Nokia N97, connectivity and Gps, services around

The Nokia N97, like current phones, has been designed, or we would like to think about it, to be connected all the time. Nokia has announced at the event a series of services, some new and others coming out of the beta phase, which require that we have full connectivity at all times, both to receive information on the status of traffic, weather, stock or push mail which is already available for Nokia terminals.

Thus, the latter Nokia is a quad-band HSDPA phone with data transfer speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. When possible, at home for example, we can opt for WiFi 802.11.b / g connectivity with UPnP support.

With Nokia having its mapping service, the Nokia N97 would not make sense without a system A-GPS, which will serve to position us, use the phone as a browser Gps and very important, to provide our coordinates to the multiple online services that we can have on the phone and whose usefulness is largely linked to our position at all times. A new feature has been incorporated electronic compass.

The connectivity section of this Nokia N97 is completed by the microUSB 2.0 port, with an A2DP profile to use sound systems without cables, a 3.5 mm connector for our favorite headphones and also the already classic television output of the high-end Nseries from Nokia. .

The operating system of this phone is Symbian S60 5th Edition, in which the most remarkable thing is the start screen in which we can place different widgets or applets.

Nokia N97 Price

The Nokia N97 can now be purchased free for 600 euros and with Vodafone and Movistar.

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