Nokia will allow to see DTT in 2006

Television on a mobile phone feels closer every day. Especially after the announcement made by Nokia in which it plans to launch in 2006 its first terminals that will allow receiving Digital Terrestrial Television channels directly on the mobile phone. In principle, between 15 and 40 channels can be received and in the future it will reach 55.

Television will be received through a network other than mobile, and although for the moment the same current channels as traditional television would be received, if the business works, it could be the time when the TV channels launched to create programming specially designed for the mobile world. Obviously, these new terminals will have to improve the size and quality of their screens, and it will also mean having to renew the current telephone fleet.

As for what this service will consist of, the best method is being studied, currently planning two possibilities, along with a mixed one: financing by receiving advertising or by paying for content or by temporary subscription.

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