Nokia will put its maps and navigation services on mobile phones for free

The Nokia news landing begins. And the first thing they have announced has been a hard hit for GPS navigation companies in general and Google Maps Navigation in particular: maps and mobile navigation services for free.

Those services will be offered worldwide, and remember, free of charge. Thus, Nokia regains the throne that it has always considered its own having been one of the companies that has always opted for GPS and the navigation function on the mobile phone.

Regarding the difference with the Google service, which is very powerful and promising too, and which has the moral support of Android, Nokia takes a step forward by allowing its maps and navigation services to be used without being connected or downloading data continuously. . That with Google Maps Navigation cannot be done.

Among the contents that we can find, the maps and their updates, the weather, navigation for cars and pedestrians, event guides, Michelin guides and also the Lonely Planet stand out.

The free map services are associated with an Ovi Maps update that can now be downloaded for many models. In fact, in Xatakamóvil they have spoken with the people of Nokia and tell us details about dates, models and future plans, such as the Google Street View-style service.

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In Xatakamovil | Nokia will offer its guided navigation services for free. More information | Ovi Maps.

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