Nokia prepares an advanced phone with Meego that, surprise, would be affordable

As far as we know and we can tell you, Kote will not take long to see an advanced Nokia phone of less than 5 inches in which we will find Meego. It may be the successor to the N900 but it would be focused on the input range of the terminals of the Finnish brand.

That market of devices halfway between a tablet and a mobile phone has quite a future, you just have to see how interesting the Dell Mini 5 paints and the bet that Archos has raised.

Now it is the turn of Nokia and for what the manufacturer Compal has revealed, for 2011 we could have a Nokia equipment with a screen of 4 inches or more and Qualcomm 7000 processor. The highlight of this rumor is the price that has been assigned: $ 150, very far from the usual in the brand, although the specifications seem to be more basic than usual. Hopefully everything will come to fruition but we believe it will do so even sooner than what is being said.

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