Nokia gets fantastic and shows us the future according to them

We are talking a lot lately about the future of telephony. And Nokia is surely one of the manufacturers that have most imagined it. This time, instead of a phone concept, they get fanciful and they present us in a video what the future will be like if it were up to them.

They have shown it at The Way We Live Next 3.0 event and the theoretical year in which they focus their video is 2015, around the corner we could say. In it, Nokia transmits ideas that we have already seen other times in its concepts, such as total and modular equipment, connection and synchronization between equipment and services on the web.

As they have shown with the N900, the phone of the future will be more like a MID than to a small terminal. Of course, thinner and lighter.

At Xatakamóvil | Nokia's vision of the year 2015 in a conceptual video.
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