Nokia insists again that they are interested in manufacturing an ultraportable

Since their Nseries are much more than mobile phones or smartphones, Nokia has been insisting that its equipment is a very valid mobility work tool. And they were until the arrival of the iPhone and especially of the ultraportable. So nothing better to face them than to get your own model.

The leading Finnish mobile phone brand in the world has once again insisted on its idea of ​​producing its own ultraportable. What can we expect from the Nokia ultraportable? Well, without a doubt it is not like those already on the market. A smaller size seems complicated, so perhaps a full touch screen may be the solution. Although sliding keyboards have been very good at the brand, and an ultraportable with a touch screen and physical keyboard would be very daring and comfortable in theory.

But undoubtedly what I am most clear that would offer a future ultraportable Nokia would be the 3G connectivity at least. It could not be less.

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