Nokia X10, first data of what will be a terminal with the new Symbian ^ 3

While Android has been the clear winner of the entire MWC, Nokia has been going largely unnoticed for many years. Being the company that it became at the beginning of the decade, it is clear that they need a very broad change to regain the attention of the market and users.

Nokia X10 will be a new terminal for the Finns, and will be presented with the main novelty of implementing the new Symbian ^ 3 system. This operating system improves a lot compared to previous versions, as you can see in a video later, although we will still have to see it working in a terminal final to consider any nuance and bring a final conclusion.

The Nokia X Series terminals will be focused on young users, but who want a terminal with very decent power. In the case of the X10 we talk about a processor ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz., With a screen AMOLED 3.2-inch (it is seen that Nokia has learned fast from the 5800 and the resistive screens), 256 MB of memory RAM and 5 megapixel camera with flash type LED. Of course we will find connectivity HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and Gps, something already very common in mid-range terminals, and a very interesting keyboard QWERTY Full and hidden behind the screen, accompanied by storage based on external memory cards (surely microSD).

Nokia needs to make a huge turnaround for its terminals. You need a best seller, something like the iPhone or the HTC Magic, to name a couple of models. Symbian ^ 3 is still very green and we cannot compare it with the new versions of its competing systems, such as Windows Phone 7 or Android 2.1, but for now it looks good. I would not know if better or worse than its rivals, but it is much better than its previous versions. A demo video below:

Price and launch date of the Nokia X10 are still totally unknown data, but most likely we will see it in the coming months. A terminal with a good aspect, quite decent specifications and that although it will not be the most powerful on the market (there we have the HTC HD2, Nexus One or HTC Desire), it can be a good asset for the vast majority of users. If Symbian ^ 3 is working properly and can cope with its competitors, and the final price of the device is somewhat affordable, then Nokia X10 will have a great future.

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