Samsung news: our impressions

In addition to the "Samsung OmniaHD": https: // we were able to test some of the other terminals that the Korean manufacturer has ready to put on sale in the coming months . It is a varied range in which we can find phones with different operating systems and focused on different markets.

Specifically, the models we have had in our hands have been the "Samsung UltraTouch": https: //, the "Samsung Beat DJ": https: // / moviles / samsung-beat-dj-y-beat-disc and the "Samsung Valencia": https: //, with a very targeted audience different in the three cases.

Samsung UltraTouch

Of the Samsung UltraTouch We could say that it is the little brother of the OmniaHD. At first glance it seems, contributing the TouchWiz interface that both implement to that feeling. Of course, in this model the screen is quite smaller, only 2.8 inches, although it is still AMOLED.

This reduction of the screen is what has probably led to the incorporation of a physical type keyboard sliderWell, an on-screen keyboard would have been somewhat awkward. Strangely, this has not even been implemented, so we always depend on the physicist to enter text.

Like the OmniaHD, the Samsung UltraTouch It comes with an 8 megapixel camera, with various functions such as autofocus or smile detection. We see, therefore, that mobiles that are not high-end (we would leave this in medium-high) already incorporate very advanced functions.

The only but that we put is that the performance of the interface was not as good as we expected, and although we did not intend it to reach the level of the OmniaHD, it seemed slightly slow. Something, on the other hand, they will surely finish polishing before releasing the final version.

Samsung Beat DJ

At first glance one wonders how many potential customers does a phone like Samsung Beat DJBut when he remembers that when he came to the fair in the subway he has met several individuals who "delighted" us with the music of his mobile phones and he sees where the shots can go.

Because, as much as they paint us like that, let's not expect anyone to use a mobile like this to seriously DJ. Yes, it incorporates a program that allows us to perform functions such as changing the tempomix tracks make scratch, apply filters or add effects, but they are still a game.

We will not get professional results with them, but rather a temporary entertainment. On the other hand, the sound quality offered is quite good, and the volume is high enough to share it with several people (although he thinks that if they are not your friends, they may not like what you are listening to).

Samsung Valencia

What at first seemed to be the simplest and least attractive terminal of the three surprises us by incorporating its own interface on Windows Mobile. This interface helps the Samsung Valencia It becomes a fairly powerful and easy to use terminal.

With it we have access to various functions, such as contacts, photos or music playback from the main screen. Keep in mind that this phone does not have a touch screen, so quick access to the ones we use the most is always appreciated.

Attached to your QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung Valencia It is presented as ideal for those who want to be very productive with their phone, who make much use of email and who want additional functions such as the aforementioned music playback.

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