New in iPhone OS 3.0

When they announced the new version of the operating system for their phone, iPhone OS 3.0, Apple showed us some of the new features it would bring, but at WWDC'09 they added a few additional ones.

Nothing too significant, but it helps us to review an update that turns the iPhone into what it should have been from the beginning, adding functionalities that are shown as basic, such as cut and paste or MMS, in addition to others that can be very useful, such as Find My iPhone.

Text management

What everyone has been demanding from time, the cut and paste, will be present in iPhone OS 3.0, allowing better text management. Its operation is quite simple, selecting the text with your fingers, and it works between different applications.

In addition, an interface is added so that developers can incorporate undo functions into their applications, just like in many desktop applications.

The landscape keyboard is another of the improvements that should have been on the phone from the get-go. Applications like Mail now allow you to write emails with the phone in a horizontal position, therefore with a larger and more comfortable keyboard to use.

In-store improvements

One of the novelties that had been rumored but was not officially confirmed is the purchase and rental of movies from the iPhone itself. In this way, we do not have to go through the computer to obtain music, videos, movies, audiobooks, ...

Adding parental controls will allow better management for parents of their children's terminals, but as a consequence it will bring that applications that until now were not allowed in the App Store, because they are focused on adults, can now be approved without problems.

Improvements in the telephony section

And in this case we are not referring to changes when using it properly to speak, but rather to the support of MMS and the possibility of using the iPhone as a modem. The MMS They will be compatible with a good number of operators and will work as in other mobile phones (which have incorporated them for a long time).

Using it as a modem will be something operators will decide whether or not to allow on the phones they sell. Telefónica appeared among those that will, although it remains to be seen if it will be in exchange for an additional monthly payment (I bet it does). The connection can be made both by Bluetooth and by cable USB and will not require any software additional in both Mac OS X and Windows.


The iPhone browser receives improvements in both the features and speed. In the latter, the performance of Javascript has been multiplied by three, in addition to incorporating support for HTML 5, which should bring compatibility with the new video and audio tags.

New features include support for streaming video and audio, automatically adapting to the speed of the connection and autocompletion of fields, being able to do so with the contact data taken from the calendar.

Find My iPhone

As a novelty for MobileMe users, they will have the Find My Phone function available, which will help recover the phone in case of loss. Through the web interface of the service we can see the current location of the phone, in addition to sending messages.

In this way, we can give contact information to try to get it back, which comes accompanied by a sound, in addition to being able to delete all our data remotely. The good thing is that if we recover it, they are synchronized again when connected to our iTunes.

APIs for developers

Among the developments more focused on developers and that users will end up seeing reflected in the applications, push notifications stand out, which slightly replace multitasking support, allowing you to receive notifications in applications that are not running.

In this way, instant messaging or VoIP programs can receive the messages that our contacts send us even if we do not have them open. The accessory holder is another novelty in iPhoen OS 3.0.

iPhone OS 3.0, availability and price

The new version of the mobile operating system will be available from June 17 and will be free for iPhone users. Like other times, owners of an iPod touch will have to pay $ 9.95 to make this update.

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