New Delhi is suffocating live and direct: its pollution levels are 20 times worse than those recommended by the WHO

The capital of India is also on its way to becoming the world capital of air pollution. After a week of festivities for the Hindu New Year, the smoke from the burning of stubble from the agricultural states that surround the region and one of the most overwhelming contaminations in the modern world have conspired to make the city take days in the midst of a huge A health emergency that has canceled classes, closed factories and diverted more than 30 flights due to poor visibility.

New Delhi today is a city taken by smoke.

Among the smoke

Air pollution in New Delhi and surrounding towns reached the worst levels so far this year on Sunday, with authorities having already declared a public-health emergency and ordered the closure of schools kRqy1XXlth

- Reuters (@Reuters) November 3, 2019

Usually, the levels of fine particles in the air (called PM 2.5) should not be above 20. In fact, according to the Indian government environmental monitoring agency, if these rates exceeded 400 there was a certain risk of "a a certain risk for people with respiratory diseases that can also affect even people with healthy lungs. " Exceeding 500 would be a "severe risk".

Well, the air quality indices are at 900. That means that even if it starts to rain, as the Indian Meteorological Agency has pointed out, it will take almost all week for the levels to reach something slightly similar to normal.

More than 40 million people live in the affected area. Therefore, the country's health ministry has ordered to curb economic activity, restrict traffic and recommend residents "to avoid physical activities outdoors, especially during the hours of the morning and night." However, the problem is far from being resolved.

India air pollution reported at “unbearable levels”. Last week New Delhi recorded an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 999, beyond which reading is not possible - that's 16 times worse than the prescribed level !!! 😳😳😳Who said, "Honey, I've killed the planet", again?

- Charles Onyango-Obbo (@ cobbo3) November 3, 2019

Above all, because it comes from far behind. Last year, a team at the University of Chicago's Institute for Energy Policy in India conducted research to examine what the actual pollution was in domestic environments in that same region of the country. The results were disheartening: the air in the houses was as polluted as it was outside.

In fact, this same year, a survey of 17,000 people in the Delhi region revealed that 40% of the inhabitants would like to leave the city due to the alarming problems of air pollution and, above all, due to the government's failure to control it.

Image | Hans Vivek

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