New Conga 4490, Conga 5490 and more: understanding the extensive catalog of Cecotec vacuum robots

The Valencian firm adds and continues to incorporate Congas to its large catalog of vacuum robots and, if last month it expanded its mid-range with the Conga 3790 and 2690, a few days ago it did the same with its flagships by presenting the Conga 4490 and Conga 5490 , which inherit characteristics from their predecessors and continue to improve the power and autonomy figures. How many vacuum robots does the Valencian firm have in its catalog?

If in October of last year we reviewed its catalog and listed up to 22 models, in less than a year there have been ups and downs to 16, these are all the vacuum robots that Cecotec has for sale.

Slim series

Within the Slim series are the simplest models of the Valencian firm in terms of functionality, power and connectivity. Several of the Slim Series models have been disappearing from the Cecotec catalog, which until a few months ago had the Conga 750, Conga 890, Conga 899 and Conga 950 and right now there is only one left, the Conga 950.

The vacuum robots of this family navigate randomly thanks to proximity, anti-drop and anti-shock sensors, are controlled by a remote control and can be scrubbed with them, although they use a more rudimentary dosing system than advanced models (decantation) .

1000 series

A step higher is the 1000 Series, where the Conga 1090 Connected, Conga 1090 Connected Force and Conga 1099 Connected are framed, three models that, as their last name indicates, have the condition of connected. Or what is the same, that in addition to the remote control, they can be controlled from the application and the voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.

This family maintains random navigation, but with improved brushes and turbo carpet mode. The dosing type of the scrubbing system is electronic, which optimizes the water in the tank.

1000 Gyro Series

The 1000 Gyro Series shares the characteristics of the 1000 Series simply but introduces an important difference: the implementation of gyro sensors and improved optical sensors. In practice, they allow the models of this family to recognize which areas have been cleaned and which have not, so that in case of running out of battery they can return to the base to charge and then continue cleaning, something that Cecotec calls Total Surface.

Within the 1000 Gyro Series family we find the Conga 1490 Impulse, Conga 1590 Active and Conga 1890, the most ambitious of the range in terms of power.

2000 series

Conga 2690, the most ambitious model in the family

Last year Cecotec created the 2000 Series, which by characteristics was located between the different 1000 series and its high range. In less than a year there have already been casualties (Conga 2490 Landscape) and a new model: the Conga 2690 that crowns the family. The Conga 2090 Vision and Conga 2290 Panoramic complete the range.

This 2000 Series maintains scrubbing with electronic dosing, the power of the most ambitious model in the previous family, remote control, application and voice control. Its innovations come from the hand of the integration of a camera on the front, so that they improve their navigation systems by having reference points and admit more cleaning programs.

3000 series

Conga 3790: 2,300 Pa, Jalisco brush and up to 5 maps stored in the best model in the family

Less than two years ago, the 3000 Series was the one that integrated the Valencian firm's flagships, such as the Conga 3090 and later the Conga 3490 Elite, two models that are no longer available.

Currently it is part of the upper-middle range and in it we find for sale the Conga 3390, Conga 3590 and the new Conga 3790, the most current model.

This family of vacuum robots are connected, also with 4-in-1 cleaning, with greater suction power than the lower ranges and, their main differential feature, intelligent navigation through a laser viewfinder. Thanks to this "iTech Laser 360", the 3000 Series vacuum cleaners can be precisely moved to cover the available space optimizing the trajectory. In addition, thanks to this technology, they work even in low light conditions. From this family the cleaning programs are expanded to 50, allowing cleaning by rooms.

4000 series

Less than a year ago, the Conga 4090 was presented, which slightly improved the Conga 3490 Elite, increasing the power and capacity of its battery to 2,700 pascals and 5,200 mAh respectively. And for a few days this range has a new member: the Conga 4490, with the same power but giving a further turn to the capacity of its battery, with 6,400 mAh to achieve 300 minutes of work.

In this family Cecotec complements the laser viewfinder with an optical sensor (iTech Laser Eye) that improves navigation precision and its app allows you to save five different maps. These two characteristics are added to those that we have been incorporating when uploading in its catalog: dosing of electronic scrubbing, control by app and assistants, 50 cleaning programs and Jalisco brush.

5000 series

Conga 5490, the current flagship of the brand

Less than a month ago we tested the last penultimate flagship of the brand: the Conga 5090, a robot that maintains the commitment of the Conga 4090 in navigation, multi-floor mode, possibilities of the app, but that goes further in power and autonomy, with 8,000 Pa and 6,400 mAh respectively.

But Cecotec already has a new king in its catalog: the Conga 5490, which continues to rise in power to 10,000 pascals thanks to its own Cy-Clean technology.

Again, this 5000 Series implements premium brand features such as the Jalisco brush, the navigation system iTech Laser Eye, up to 50 cleaning plans and control from the application or voice assistants

Summary table of Cecotec vacuum robots


Suction power (Pa)

Navigation system

Control system

Scrubbing system


Voice assistant support





I send

Yes iWater

4 in 1


From 149 euros



iTech Space

App Control

Yes, Wash 4 you (Electronic control)

4 in 1 (It has connected models) carpet mode

Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant

From 169 euros

1000 Gyro

1400 - 2.700

iTech Smart Gyro

Virtual Map

Yes, with electronic control

4 in 1. carpet mode. Special brush for pets. Total Surface

Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant

From 179 euros

2000 series


iTech Camera 360

Interactive Map

Yes, with electronic control and scrubbing

4 in 1 carpet mode special pet brush

Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant

From 299 euros

3000 series


iTech Laser

Room Plan

Yes, with electronic control and scrubbing

4 in 1 carpet mode special pet brush. Total Surface 2.0

Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant

From 336 euros

4000 series


iTech Laser Eye

Room Plan. Total Surface 2.0

Yes, with electronic control and scrubbing

Jalisco brush Carpet mode

Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant

From 349 euros

5000 series

8.000 - 10.000

iTech Laser Eye

Room Plan. Total Surface 2.0

Yes, with electronic control and scrubbing

Jalisco brush Carpet mode

Yes, Alexa and Google Assistant

From 449 euros

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