New iPhone, increasingly real

In recent days, images of the new iPhone have emerged, without official confirmation but with many ballots to be real, judging by how close we are to the presentation of the device (it is said that it will be on the WWDC June, between the 8th and 12th) and for how accurate the photographs of the new devices are usually a few days before their officialization.

The image above is perhaps the clearest of all. In it you can see how the new iPhone is very similar to previous models, with the exception of a kind of speaker at the top. A new button has also been added on the right side, which could be used to activate the functions related to the camera, which would now also record video.About this camera it is said that it will be 3.2 megapixels.

Photographs showing the back also emerged a long time ago, which would change from a shiny case to a matte one and with a different, rougher texture. Even, it is said that the apple would light up as it does in Apple notebooks

In the guts of the device it is already confirmed that the new version 3.0 of the iPhone OS will be chosen, with slight changes but more internally than by design. A few new functions will be added, such as a compass or the possibility of creating virtual stores within the applications themselves.

And to all this, Telefónica lowered the price of the iPhone 3G in Spain a few days ago, and although some see some cheating, what is certain is that it is the clearest proof that the new terminal will arrive soon and with many renovations to its around.

Today's iPhone competition is very different from what it was when it launched two years ago. Now terminals like him HTC Magic or Palm Pre, among many others, can steal part of Apple's phone market share, based not only on good technical characteristics, but also at low and interesting prices thanks to contracts with telemarketers.

Thus, all this information already has a good chance of being real. A very slight design change, some hardware changes and the new software that has been talked about for a long time.

More information | Applesphere.

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