New iPhone seems to finally be in September

So much has been said about the new iPhone for this year that you have to believe it. If it happened as with the other Apple devices, that when they drop from stock you can almost assure that they are on the way, we would not be giving so many turns to the matter. But …

The latest rumors, increasingly strong and realistic, place the next Apple iPhone in September. The companies in charge of manufacturing the components that are later assembled to produce the apple phone, begin their work with the new model this July.

From the "super features" that we have been telling you that the new iPhone could carry, it finally seems that everything will be in a few simple touches, keeping the design and leaving the next iPhone 4S (possible name) with the same design and hardly any changes in the camera of photos, the processor and of course, solving the issue of the antenna, which we already seem to have forgotten.

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