Samsung's new smartphone

Samsung has presented 50 new mobiles at CommunicAsia, no more, no less. Since we cannot analyze them all, we have had to select one of the ones that most impressed us: the Samsung SGH-D550, which does not only stay on a mobile phone, but reaches the smartphone category. So, in addition to all the features of a mobile phone, we have music and video playback software, a Microsoft Office file viewer and the Blackberry Transport mail manager. Naturally it includes a QWERTY keyboard to handle everything comfortably and a 320x240 pixel display. For the rest, it is already a typical mobile: 1.3 Megapixel camera screen, support for Flash memory, speakers and Bluetooth.

If you follow the PhoneMag link you will see the rest of the images, where it is seen that the screen rotates, being horizontal above the keyboard, with what remains a very compact smartphone.

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