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In a market as saturated as that of mobiles, in addition to the high ranges, it is very necessary to have a good low range, especially to be able to enter forcefully in emerging markets that cannot pay the prices of many of the terminals that reach us here. Of course, sometimes these models are also distributed in promotions of the operators, in which they are given away or sold at very low prices.

Nokia launches four models for these markets: Nokia 5000, Nokia 2680, Nokia 7070 Prism and Nokia 1680.

We start by giving a review of the Nokia 5000, which is included within the XpressMusic range, with a design similar to that of other models such as the 5300. Its screen offers a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

It has an MP3 playback function, FM radio tuner with recording, Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity, which will help us take advantage of the email application that it incorporates.

It will go on sale during the second quarter of the year for 90 euros.

It is not very common to find mobile phones from this manufacturer that are of type slider. In fact, the Nokia 2680 is the first of them in the low range. It also has MP3 playback capacity, which can be used as ringtones, and an FM radio tuner.

It integrates a camera and an expandable contact book. Its price will be 75 euros and will be put on sale during the third quarter of the year.

The Prism range, which seemed more luxurious, also receives a cheap version, the Nokia 7070 Prism, which continues its design line, but reduces the performance of the phone.

It's a type phone clamshell, with characteristics similar to the previous ones, and that integrates voice recording and a hands-free speaker, in addition to a series of themes and wallpapers to customize it.

Its price will be 50 euros and will go on sale during the third quarter.

We finished with the Nokia 1680 classic, which is integrated within the most classic design of the Finnish manufacturer, offering very basic features, which incorporates a camera with VGA resolution and video recording capacity.

It will go on sale during the second quarter for 50 euros.

More information | Nokia.

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