NVidia Tegra on mobile before the end of the year

If we mentioned a few days ago that Tegra would reach laptops in a few months, they will not come alone: ​​there will be phones with Tegra on the market in 2009, in the final stretch of the year.

Technical details about the devices are unknown, although it seems that the information comes from a fairly reliable source such as one of the directors of NVidia, who points out that the phones with Tegra will cost from $ 200 in the United States. Their arrival in the rest of the world is unknown, but it is quite likely that we will have to wait well into 2010 to see them in Spanish stores.

Similarly, the power and performance of Tegra has already been discussed on numerous occasions. Its main point in favor is the possibility of playing content in high definition, 720p, in a totally fluid way and without slowdowns. Perhaps for a small mobile screen of 3 or 4 inches in size it is not something ideal, but adding a television output everything makes more sense. One of the products with this platform that will most attract the public's attention will be the Zune HD, on which it has already been confirmed that it would use Tegra, confirming itself as one of the most interesting options and one of the star products of 2009. Will Microsoft release a mobile type Zune HD? There are many who believe so.

All these new phones with Tegra come to accompany the 12 devices presented at Computex, about which nothing has been heard from again. It must be recognized that of those 12, the vast majority were products from unknown manufacturers that will be difficult to find in stores, making telephones (much more common devices in our pockets) easier to get a good share of market. Let's hope at least that they have some more success.

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