Orange will launch HD voice calls in the UK, but the market is going another way

Orange UK still wants to hang on to the idea that voice can still be a business for phone operators. There is no doubt that in a short time we will be using our flat data rates to call VoIP telephony from a mobile, so Orange, after some tests in Moldova, will launch a high quality voice service that they have called, in a very commercial, HD voice.

This HD Voice service will be in the testing period from next year in the United Kingdom and by the end of the year it will be launched commercially.

Use a new technology and compatible terminals will be necessary

The HD Voice system uses an advanced codec called Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate (WB-AMR) that has more bandwidth for voice, which will allow a higher quality in communications without increasing data traffic.

That increase in quality, which the user does not think he is asking for (his eagerness in telephony goes for others courses), comes with two drawbacks. On the one hand, for quality improvement to be a fact, both users must use the same codec. Secondly, the terminal must be compatible with WB-AMR.

The future of this system that Orange will launch in the United Kingdom will bump into the roots with the introduction of 4G or LTE telephony, which does have a secure future.

If you are curious and want to see if there is a real difference between a traditional call and a high-quality call, in Moldova they have been trying them for a while.

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