Ovi Maps Racing turns the street you go down into a racing circuit

Nokia has brought together in the game Ovi Maps Racing two of its strongest bets: geolocation and games. It does it on the Ovi platform that does not just start if we except its great strategy with free maps.

Ovi Maps Racing is a classic racing game. So far little to highlight. However, Nokia uses GPS location to place the playing field on the streets where we are. Thus, the game accesses our location and the map of the area is used as a racing circuit.

For those who do not want to venture into the streets of their city or neighborhood, Ovi Maps Racing comes with 20 predefined circuits where we find famous locations of cities such as Berlin, London or Amsterdam. This game, free right now, can be used on all the brand's touch phones, as controls on the screen are exclusively used.

Surely it will not be the first adventure of Nokia or other brands in this type of games in which the physical elements of the phone, such as the camera or GPS, are actively used in the game. That's where they can battle classic portable consoles right now.

More information | OVI Maps Racing.

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