Ozone Strike Pro, review

Ozone Strike Pro is a mechanical keyboard for those who want to enjoy this technology on their desk with no more fanfare than what such a peripheral can provide. A mechanical keyboard, and that's it.

Unlike other brands, Ozone has achieved a simple and basic mechanical keyboard, but with very good results being comfortable and robust, something that we ask keyboards with this type of technology. This is the review of the Ozone Strike Pro, a very interesting device for those who want to run away from membrane keyboards for less than 100 euros.

A keyboard for those who want nothing more than to press keys

Within high-end keyboards it is quite common to find very peculiar characteristics. Backlighting in bold colors, dozens of macro-specific keys, or even built-in touchscreens. Ozone Strike Pro runs away from much of the innovation that we can think of as 'normal' in a gaming keyboard offering a set of simple and basic features, and that's it.

What strikes the Strike Pro the most is that it lacks specific keys for macros, which are usually quite common in this type of peripherals. The layout is that of a classic 105-key keyboard to which we are perfectly accustomed. At older they offer a USB port and audio related jacks (headphone output and microphone input) on the back, just above the numeric keypad, which can be comfortable to avoid in some cases a tangle of cables.

Ozone Strike Pro is a very robust keyboard, with a thickness that can be considered as something great when compared to other keyboards that follow the trend of the thinnest. The official specifications speak of 3.43 centimeters in height, although this measurement may be less if we do not use the two rear elevation tabs, down to about 1.50 centimeters. Personally I am left with that certain elevation that gives me a feeling of greater comfort of use.

Otherwise, Strike Pro is a USB-wired keyboard with gold-plated connector and twisted, anti-tangle cable. This is somewhat thick since it must also house the audio cables for the small hub of ports, so that about 20 centimeters from the end of the cable it trifurcates to accommodate the three solutions: USB, audio-in and mic. For users who are not going to use the integrated audio connections, this trio of cables may be a hindrance and it would be ideal to have the possibility of managing them, removing or adding them according to the needs. The reality is that it is a small detail without much importance, since they should be hidden behind our desktop PC.

Don't forget the gaming possibilities and the always comfortable backlight

We said that it is a "classic keyboard" in which what shines is precisely that: it lacks innovative details, being a product with a very classic profile. But neither can we ignore some of the present features designed for the gaming public. Just as it is important to say that it does not have specific 'macro' keys - they are not always necessary, or at least many users do not usually use them -, Ozone has introduced a total of six customizable 'M' keys, which occupy the matrix of 3x2 keys above the arrow keys. The Insert, Start, Page Down, Delete, End and Return Pages. they will become M1..M6 if we previously press the 'Ozone key'. The functions associated with these six keys are, as always, customizable by the user in the administration software that comes with the peripheral.

The 'Ozone key' will also serve to activate certain additional functions, working in much the same way as the Fn key does on laptop keyboards. We will be able to handle certain multimedia tasks (control of the reproduction and also of the volume), activate the so-called G Mode ("game mode", which basically disables the Windows key) or manage certain features that, yes, these are usually aimed at an audience with a more advanced profile: the key response time (milliseconds) and the measurement frequency keyboard (hertz). These two variables can be altered in real time with their respective key combinations or also through the Ozone software, and in both cases the information will be stored in one of the five profiles that can store the 64 kilobytes of internal memory.

Also using a combination of two keys (Ozone + Scroll Lock) you can manipulate the backlight, which is another of the fundamental characteristics of Strike Pro. This is very simple, based entirely on the white color except for some specific keys (QWEASD, escape and the arrow keys) that internally have a red LED, so that the visual result is this color. At the operating level There is no difference between the white and red keys, since they are all mechanical and the only thing that varies is that color of the backlight.

Without a wide range of colors to choose from, white with those little details in red, but with the possibility of choosing between six varieties of backlighting. It can be completely deactivated, activated only for the red keys, choose between a certain range of brightness (30, 70 and 100% of its capacity) and a last and very dizzy possibility: blinking, which is more confusing than helpful.

This backlight is very simple but appreciated, and we certainly expected it on a 'high-end' gaming keyboard such as the Strike Pro. If you don't like it, all you have to do is disable it and forget it; If, on the contrary, you think that it will help you in the night game sessions, surely the least brilliant option (30%) will be the one that seduces you.

Cherry MX-Red switches and in perfect Spanish

We were talking about Strike Pro being a mechanical keyboard, but we hadn't mentioned the technology it uses. Of course, Ozone uses the most common Cherry mechanical switches on the market, and although they assure the existence of four varieties (Black, Red, Blue and Brown) the reality is that I have only found one on the market, the one that we have tested : with Cherry MX Red switches.

This variety is, together with the MX Black, the one that is most outlined towards the world of fps, with a fairly long stroke (about 5 millimeters) with activation halfway and a low necessary force (45 grams). It does not have the classic sound of mechanical keyboards, being much quieter, especially from the moment we get used to the travel necessary to activate the key and avoid hitting the bottom of the mechanism.

It is also important to many users that while some mechanical keyboards are only available in the American layout, Ozone Strike Pro is revered in the more classic Spanish 105-key layout, including the Ñ key and that Enter Large size.

Ozone Strike Pro, Xataka's opinion

Over time, keyboards have gained new functions that a few decades ago were totally alien. Functions such as multimedia playback keys or the so-called "macros" have been gaining their place in this type of device, generally in the highest-end products and, with it, the most expensive on the market.Also in all these years we have seen a very significant decrease in the prices of keyboards, mainly motivated by the arrival of 'membrane' technology to these peripherals. Mechanical keyboards have been gradually succumbing to the attractiveness of the simplest keyboards, but in most cases they have no impact on the user experience.

Mechanical keyboards are being reborn, especially among the most demanding users. They are much more expensive (a membrane keyboard can be found for less than 10 euros ... while a mechanical one of 50 does not go down) but also much more attractive: the way of typing is unique, they have a much greater durability and their rhythm of wear is much slower. They are expensive, but if they are taken as a long-term investment they may be worth it. Ozone Strike Pro is one of the most comfortable mechanical keyboards I have ever tried. A return to the origins of the keyboard back in the 80s and 90s, when these peripherals lasted lifetime. I was delighted that it is a classic keyboard adapted to current times, with a typical format, occupying the space just but large, of good weight and with a feeling of robustness that no keyboard of membrane had given me before. Cherry MX Red switches are very good, although you know that for tastes ... variety of Cherry switches. It is a pity that Ozone only offers this modality despite claiming that other models of these switches are also available, but it is also true that the MX Red are one of the most common in the gaming world.

Good keys, good touch and good travel. Ozone Strike Pro is a very good keyboard for those looking for a new mechanic. Its price will scare those who are used to membrane ones but it is very competitive against the most common prices of this technology: Strike Pro tested is priced at 89.90 euros in Versus Gamers with MX Red switches and the Spanish distribution of 105 keys.

In favor

  • Simple, without great boasts or innovations. A keyboard, period
  • A classic design, but very robust
  • Spanish layout of 105 keys
  • Backlight with various modes
  • Braided USB cable
  • An affordable mechanical keyboard (vs. the competition)


  • Only MX Red switches are available
  • Ozone software is quite slow when saving profiles
  • The price is scary when compared to membrane keyboards

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Ozone Strike Pro has been released for testing by Versus Gamers. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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