Paying for the bus with the phone

Goodbye to the voucher-bus and to passing the card when using the bus? It is still very far from it, but in Malaga it is already possible pay the bus ticket with Mobypay, the mobile phone payment system. Telefónica Movistar, BBVA, EMT and Mobypay itself have been involved in the project for several months, constituting an unprecedented initiative in Europe together with those in Dublin and Rome, where it can be paid by SMS.

For the people of Malaga it will be interesting to know that at the moment this payment system with the telephone is enabled on line 11, to arrive in two weeks at 20 and 22, the three with the highest passenger traffic in the city and in which there are greater number of young users (especially in the second two that go to the University). Forgetting the voucher-bus or not carrying loose will no longer be a problem to use public transport.

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