Paying for the bus with the mobile phone

Mobile payment has more and more users. The possibility of forgetting both cash and cards and integrating the wallet into the phone must admit that it is tempting. Now an interesting proposal is being tested in Malaga, which is that the bus ticket can be purchased through a mobile phone. The Malagueña Transport Company (EMT), BBVA, Telefónica Móviles and Mobipay Spain are involved in the project and will allow users to recharge their cards and purchase bus tickets using Mobipay. The system consists succinctly in that the user identifies his transport card number in Mobipay, indicates the type of recharge (ten trips or monthly flat rate) and confirms by passing the card through a recharge post. In the case of the individual ticket, an SMS with a barcode will be received, after which the mobile screen will have to be passed through the barcode reader of the bus and it will validate the ticket through GPRS with a centralized management system. of banknotes developed by Telefónica. The system is being tested on lines that go to college.

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