Palm Eos, what operating system will it come with?

That Palm is preparing a smaller version of the Pre we have already told you. That the Palm Eos will be this successor is not yet certain, although it seems most likely, given the leaks from the next AT&T terminals, including this one. A good blow to Sprint, if that's the case.

What we all imagine is that Palm will launch a model equipped with the webOS operating system but with the keyboard QWERTY on the front of the phone, instead of a type slider as is the Pre. The Palm Eos fulfills that characteristic, in addition to the subtitle of New Palm OS experience It is quite revealing, although certainly not definitive, but nobody expects them to launch a model with the old Palm OS.

We would be talking about a phone with a 2.6-inch screen and a resolution of 320 × 400 pixels. The fact that its screen is tactile and capacitive also gives us a good sign of where the shots are going to go. 3G connectivity supports HSDPA It is another of the essential aspects in such a terminal.

While the Palm Eos camera is left with a mere 2 megapixels, at least it has flash and video recording. Receiver GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and video and audio playback are factors that we also like, in addition to the fact that it will have 4 GB of internal capacity.

To get an idea, the price at which they will offer it will be 350 dollars and it will be available during the second half of the year.

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