Palm Pixi will be sold on November 15 at a moderate price

The Palm Pixi hits the market after nearly two months of laziness. It will do so on November 15, although for now only the United States.

The characteristics we have already discussed above. The most striking thing will be the keyboard QWERTY and the 2.6 screen, but of course we will all look at it as the second terminal on the market with WebOS. It will also be compatible with the curious TouchStone charger, although unlike the Pre, it will not be included on the Palm Pixi and will have to be purchased separately.

The price of the Palm Pixi for the United States will be $ 99, with a 2-year contract and a series of discounts that the corresponding operator, Sprint, has decided to offer to attract more customers. It is somewhat cheaper than the Pre, but still somewhat expensive to consider affordable, even more so considering the number of terminals offered for free. The date of arrival in Spain is still totally unknown.

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