Palm Pre arrives in Europe, but (not yet) in Spain

Good news, that although we are discarded, the end of the soap opera Palm Pre in Europe is approaching. It is already confirmed on October 13 as the arrival of the Pre to Germany, and already on the 16th to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In all three countries it does so under O2, a subsidiary telemarketer of our Spanish telephone company. Prices vary depending on the country, although for example in the UK they are quite interesting: free terminal if we accept a 24-month contract paying £ 35 a month; or terminal at around £ 100 if we choose an 18 month contract paying about £ 30 a month. To me, the truth, it does not seem anything expensive for a terminal like the Palm Pre.

However, in Spain the rates or the possible departure date have not yet been announced. Around here it is known that it will come out under Movistar, and although it is not yet official, it is expected that we can have it before Christmas. If Telefónica itself is already preparing it for mid-October in Europe, it should not take more than those two months to arrive in our country. Although there is still nothing official, and anything can happen.

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