Apple patent to send files while we talk

Apple remains an inexhaustible source of patents in USA. The last two have caught our attention a lot, as have our colleagues from Applesfera. As expected, the iPhone and iPod are the protagonists of them.

The most prominent is a patent that would allow you to share files with another iPhone user while we are having a voice conversation with him. In the call menu we would now have an option to send a file that would take advantage of the communication already open with the call.

With this system we can share various types of files, turning the call into an instant messaging type of communication rather than the traditional simple voice call.

The second of the patents tries to recover the clicwheel wheel of the classic iPods. Despite being a very successful control, its use is being lost with the arrival of more modern screens and touch surfaces. So Apple wants to provide multitouch gestures to the wheel of iPods.

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